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EatWell 2-Tier BlissBox

EatWell 2-Tier BlissBox

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Introducing the EatWell 2-Tier BlissBox, a culinary innovation that revolutionizes your meal experience on the go. This microwave-safe hermetic bento box is designed with practicality and convenience in mind, making it the perfect companion for your daily culinary adventures, whether at the office, school, or during outdoor escapades.

Key Features:

  1. Two-Tier Culinary Convenience: The EatWell 2-Tier BlissBox is engineered with a dual-tier design, allowing you to pack a variety of dishes in one compact container. Keep your main course and sides neatly separated, ensuring a well-balanced and appetizing meal every time.

  2. Microwave-Safe for Effortless Heating: Experience the convenience of reheating your meals without transferring them to another container. The EatWell BlissBox is microwave-safe, allowing you to enjoy hot and freshly prepared dishes directly from the comfort of your bento box.

  3. Hermetic Seal for Freshness: Preserve the flavors and freshness of your meals with the hermetic seal featured in the EatWell 2-Tier BlissBox. The airtight seal ensures that your food stays delicious and retains its original taste, whether you're enjoying it immediately or saving it for later.

  4. Ideal for Office and School: Make lunchtime a delight with the EatWell BlissBox, designed for seamless integration into your daily routines. Whether you're at the office, attending classes, or studying at school, this bento box ensures you have a satisfying and enjoyable meal experience.

  5. Versatile Outdoor Companion: Elevate your outdoor adventures with a bento box that adapts to your lifestyle. The EatWell 2-Tier BlissBox is the perfect companion for picnics, hikes, and other outdoor activities, offering a convenient and mess-free solution for enjoying your favorite meals on the go.

  6. Durable and Eco-Friendly Material: Crafted from durable, eco-friendly materials, the EatWell BlissBox is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use. The BPA-free construction ensures the safety of your food, making it a reliable and sustainable choice for your culinary needs.

  7. Easy to Clean and Maintain: Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free cleaning with the EatWell 2-Tier BlissBox. The detachable design allows for easy disassembly, making it a breeze to clean every nook and cranny, ensuring that your bento box is always ready for your next culinary adventure.

  8. Stylish and Compact Design: The EatWell 2-Tier BlissBox isn't just a practical solution; it's also a stylish one. The compact design and sleek aesthetics make it a fashionable accessory for your lunch routine, enhancing your overall dining experience.

Elevate your mealtime experience with the EatWell 2-Tier BlissBox – where culinary convenience meets practical design. Experience the joy of enjoying freshly prepared, delicious meals wherever your adventures take you. Make every meal a celebration with the microwave-safe, hermetic bento box that caters to your on-the-go lifestyle.


Material: food grade PP + silicone
Color: Blue/green/rose red/white
Size: 21.5 x 8.2 cm
Grid: all 6 grids

1.Can be heated in microwave oven, do not put the top cover and partition(not exceed 3 minutes)
2.The bento box multi-compartment design prevents food from being smelled
3.Suitable for outdoor activities, picnics, school, work, visits to patients, etc.
4.Easy to clean and easy to portable.

Package include:1 X Bento Box

Buyer notice:
Please allow 1-2cm error due to manual measurement, Thanks
Due to light and different displays, the color of the items in the picture may be slightly different from the actual object Please understand        

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