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VivaFlexFit ProCore: Portable Dual-Function Exercise Board with Adjustable Multi-Functions

VivaFlexFit ProCore: Portable Dual-Function Exercise Board with Adjustable Multi-Functions

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Introducing FlexFit ProCore: Portable Dual-Function Exercise Board

Elevate your home workout routine with the FlexFit ProCore, a revolutionary Portable Push-up Board and Sit-up Trainer that brings versatility and convenience to your fitness journey. Engineered for ultimate functionality, this adjustable and multi-functional exercise board serves as your all-in-one fitness solution, providing a comprehensive range of exercises to sculpt and strengthen your body.

Key Features:

  1. Dual-Use Design: The FlexFit ProCore seamlessly combines the benefits of a Push-up Board and Sit-up Trainer into one compact and portable fitness solution. Enjoy a diverse range of exercises that target various muscle groups, allowing you to create a well-rounded workout routine.

  2. Adjustable Multi-Functions: Tailor your workout to your fitness goals with the adjustable multi-functions of the ProCore. Whether you're focusing on upper body strength, core stability, or a full-body workout, this versatile exercise board adapts to your needs with ease.

  3. Folding and Portable: The ProCore features a folding design for easy storage and portability. Take your workout anywhere, from the living room to the park, and unfold the ProCore to transform any space into your personal fitness zone.

  4. Fitness Partition and Exercise Bracket: Experience added stability and versatility with the built-in Fitness Partition and Exercise Bracket. Enhance your push-ups and sit-ups by utilizing these features, ensuring proper form and maximizing the effectiveness of your exercises.

  5. Double Board Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, the ProCore boasts a double-board construction that provides sturdy support during your workouts. Feel confident and secure as you engage in challenging exercises to push your fitness boundaries.

  6. Multi-Color Coded System: The ProCore features a multi-color coded system on the board, guiding you through various exercises with ease. Each color corresponds to specific muscle groups, allowing you to create a well-organized and efficient workout routine.

  7. Adjustable Height and Difficulty: Personalize your workout experience by adjusting the height and difficulty levels of the ProCore. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced fitness enthusiast, this adjustable feature ensures that you can continually challenge yourself as you progress.

  8. Compact Storage: After your workout, the ProCore easily folds into a compact size for convenient storage. Keep your living space clutter-free and maintain the flexibility to work out whenever inspiration strikes.

  9. Non-Slip Surface: The non-slip surface of the ProCore ensures a secure grip during exercises, providing stability and reducing the risk of slips or accidents. Focus on your form and performance with confidence.

  10. Premium Quality Materials: Engineered with premium quality materials, the FlexFit ProCore is built to withstand the rigors of frequent use. Invest in a durable and reliable exercise board that supports your fitness journey for the long term.

Transform your home workouts with the FlexFit ProCore – where innovation meets functionality to create a dynamic and effective exercise experience. Break free from the limitations of traditional home workouts and embrace the versatility of this Portable Dual-Function Exercise Board for a fitter, stronger you.



Product Description
This push-up trainer home gym set is designed to target a variety of muscle groups
and creates a fun all-in-one home gym that targets both strength training and high intensity cardio.
You simply adjust the position of the handles to target a variety of muscles to create the ultimate push-up board experience.
This versatile 9-in-1 push-up machine targets the chest, triceps, shoulders and back muscles.
The fitness push-up board is sturdy, impact resistant, heat resistant and safe for the environment.
The handle is made of strong weight-bearing material and will not slip during use.
You can hold it safely without straining your wrists.
To target a specific muscle group, place the handle of the abdominal fitness equipment in that position.
This fitness tool can help you work out effectively and achieve your ideal physique
whether you are a professional athlete or a fitness enthusiast.
This foldable home fitness equipment is easy to store and lightweight to transport.
Whether you are at home, workplace or gym,
you can use it to enjoy exercise!
Its unique design is suitable for all age groups with various exercise requirements.

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